Ediwise EDI Hub

Ediwise EDI Hub

Your EDI portal.

Ediwise EDI Hub

Experts in B2B EDI integration for over 20 years, we have the knowledge and catered service to assist you on your next project. We’d love the opportunity to work with you!


Translate any to any format and allow your data to navigate through the cloud to your business partner

Which translations does Ediwise provide?

Any to Any format mapping specifically for the pulp, paper & lumber industries. EDI standards include:

  • ANSI x12 856 shipment manifest
  • EDI 810 invoice
  • EDI 850 purchase orders
  • EDI 997 functional acknowledgments
  • 404 rail shipment notice
  • XML Shipment notice – Papinet Standardized
  • Embarc 128 shipment notice
  • Map customization
    • CSV flat files and/or fixed space delimited text files
How can EC Gateway benefit my company?

  • Our continued support includes communication & distribution of your EDI/XML, document tracking, transactional audit logging, accessibility to your archived data, EDI acknowledgments and much more
  • Exchange your documents electronically with confidence
  • Improved accuracy
  • Map customization


Ediwise LINK is our 24/7 value added network (VAN). It's an electronic system mailbox system that delivers documents to your customers

Why use Ediwise LINK?

  • Each business unit is set up as their own entity with their own username/password to the Ediwise FTP server. Customers access Ediwise FTP to either upload or download their EDI/XML or other file types

What sets Ediwise LINK apart from other VAN’s?

  • We pride ourselves on the support we provide at a personal level
  • We understand the time-sensitivity issues that goes with EDI transactions which is why we handle failures immediately
  • We act as the direct liaison between AbiNet customers and their suppliers or 3rd party vendors
  • We cater a more personalized support experience. No need to waste time with tiered support like you might find with the bigger VAN’s
  • Ediwise LINK is fully automated and we offer multiple ways for your customers to receive their data such as FTP, E-Mail, HTTPS, VAN interconnects and more