An optimized warehouse solution


EdiStok™ is our warehouse management system designed to track paper coming from the mill, to your warehouse, allowing you to send shipments electronically to your end customer through a web browser. A perfect application for warehouses who are looking to improve their accuracy and efficiency as well as sending shipments to their customers electronically. This allows you to attract prospective customers who are looking for a fully EDI capable warehouse.


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Benefits – Warehouse

  • With the implementation of EdiStok™ the warehouse is immediately EDI capable
  • Mill sends an advanced shipment notice (ASN) electronically before physical shipment arrives.  Provides the warehouse with advanced notice of what is on the road to them
  • Gain the ability to send 944’s to your suppliers
  • User friendly application allows you to manage your inventory easily through a web browser
  • Potential for reduction in inventory levels at your customer’s locations
  • System generates all driver and customs documentation if required
  • Real-time reporting

Benefits – to Paper Suppliers

  • 944 can be produced upon warehouse receipt, allowing suppliers to correct their shipments before the end customer receives the rolls
  • Utilization of EDI
  • Information flow allows improved delivery scheduling
  • Reduce the potential for human error

Benefits – Information Technology

  • Software distribution costs and hassles are avoided
  • Leverage infrastructure investment in your access to the web
  • Operational support can be provided in one location
  • New sites can be easily added